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    Whether you need a full management solution or you just need a little help with one project, the Total Camper team can help you make your park shine above the competition.

    And by choosing solutions that are integrated into the tools your customers are already using, you are helping to make them feel more at home – which is sure to earn you those 5 star reviews!

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    Connect with thousands of campers using our sytem to find their campsites.

    Seamlessly fit into the tools your customers are using to manage their camping activities.

    Use our campground management solutions to market to and communicate with customers in your area and grow your park.

    Dream It

    Total Camper has consulted with hundreds of campgrounds and RV parks across the country. We can bring those experiences to your project to help you put your dream together in a way that is sure to be successful.

    Plan It

    From finding the perfect property to putting your personal touches on it, Total Camper can help you buy, build, and begin your business with a solid plan that is sure to return the numbers you want.


    Do It

    All the tools in one place to operate, maintain, and grow your park. Plus the resources you need to successfully attract customers and keep them happy. After all it’s your dream, we’ll just make sure it’s a good one.

    Tools & Services To Grow Your Business

    At Total Camper, we design tools and services to optimize your operation. You’ll see a lot of technology, automation, and integration working together in a way that just makes sense. Easy to use, always up-to-date, and available everywhere: our solutions will make you wonder what to do with your extra time (we vote grow your park, but improving your golf game is a strong second)!


    Reservation Center

    Get a local number with a phone tree so that your customers can easily find park info and make reservations. Add an option for the call center so that you can always be there on your customer’s schedule.


    Online Bookings

    Let your customers find you on the Total Camper app as well your own website. We provide fully integrated solutions to automate the booking process and put your customers right at your fingertips.


    Check-In Kiosks

    Get a free-standing check-in kiosk so that your arrivals can check themselves in/out and find their site. Customers can also check themselves in/out in the Total Camper app. Capture those late arrivals and have all customer info in one place.


    Gate Management

    Automatically control access to your park. Our gates communicate with your booking software to activate and terminate unique access codes for each customer according to who is supposed to be in your park.


    Operations Software

    Track your guests, keep up-to-date books, manage personnel, track work orders for maintenance activities, manage development projects and more. All in one place. Our software is cloud-based so you can access it anywhere and from any device. So take that afternoon at the beach – no one will know.


    Amenity Management

    Do you have pavilions to rent? Private pool parties? Host events on your event field? Total Camper helps you keep those schedules and make sure all paperwork is complete and filed away for operational and insurance purposes.


    Camping App Registration

    We know how tedious it can be to keep your information up-to-date on all of the different camping apps out there. So we made Total Camper able to communicate with those apps and make sure that when you update info in our app it also updates all of the other apps for you. You can also manage any ads you run through Total Camper – including FaceBook and Google.


    CRM Software

    When your customers book through our platform, you automatically get a complete profile on the entire travel party – names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Our system allows you to store that info and access it for any marketing or follow-up activities in the future. We even automatically sync this info with certain external CRM apps like HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.


    Point Of Sale

    Create your on-site store and let your customers use a QR code on their phone to pay for vending, laundry, propane, rentals, on-site store sales, etc. Give your guests the resort experience and save money by going cashless in your park. Plus all transactions show in real-time in your book-keeping software.


    National Vendors

    Total Camper has partnered with numerous national vendors to supply your common needs like propane, ice, vending, etc. Utilize our relationships and bulk-rates to save money for your park. After all, every penny saved is another penny in your pocket.


    Total Camper Store

    Our online store is your online store. Get your own portal on Total Camper and also integrate the store into your own website. Make a commission on every sale and never touch an item or keep inventory. We carry gear and accessories for all camping types as well as camping bundles to help your customers solve common problems.


    Automated Accounting

    Don’t copy transactions over to QuickBooks any more. All your income and expense transactions are kept in real-time in our operations management software. Run custom reports, give your accountant access, and even evaluate your park’s performance against industry standards and determine your real-time value.


    Excursion Bookings

    Team up with your neighbors to offer Adventures available directly through your park. Bookings and payments are fully integrated into the system and you can track the performance of each adventure over time to make sure you are offering your guests the activities that bring them back.


    Camper Rentals

    Camper rentals have proven to be a profitable add-on service to any park. Total Camper has partners available across the country to supply camper rentals for anything from a short weekend trip to a multi-month residence.


    Golf Cart Rentals

    Total Camper offers golf cart fleet rental services and the tools you need to track them. Golf carts are warrantied and serviced by the manufacturer for optimum performance and carts can be provided on a rental basis with a fleet as small as 2 carts.


    E-Bike Rentals

    Total Camper offers e-bike fleet rental services and the tools you need to track them. Bikes are warrantied and serviced by the manufacturer for optimum performance and can be provided on a purchase basis with a fleet as small as 2 e-bikes.


    Park-Wide Wi-Fi

    Total Camper has pulled from our extensive knowledge in the technology industry to build the ultimate WiFi system for campers. We’ve partnered with AT&T and Cisco Systems to blanket your park with high-speed, always-on, remotely managed WiFi. And your guests will automatically connect to every Total Camper WiFi installation.


    Security Systems

    Stemming from our high-end WiFi products, Total Camper is able to provide security systems for your park including Live Look cameras that you can access through the app and that will identify certain individuals and/or vehicles and alert you if necessary. These smart cameras can also dump video with no motion to save you hours of review.


    Campground Hosts

    The best part is our people. Total Camper has assembled a group of traveling park hosts that will come into your park and help you make sure everything is working like you want. All hosts are experienced with the Total Camper system and can help you implement and upgrade as needed.


    Park Management

    Want an arm’s length approach to owning your property? Hire Total Camper to fully manage the day-to-day operations. We’ll place the personnel and campground hosts, implement the full Total Camper system, and setup access just for you to check in and get the reports you need in order to make sure your investment is performing up to your expectations. 


    Design & Engineering

    Our Design & Engineering Team can help you with every step of planning your park. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a land search or you already have an active park that you want to upgrade, Total Camper can help you with layouts, drawings, surveys, environmental studies, appraisals, utilities, permitting, and more.


    Construction Services

    Like a well-oiled machine, Total Camper provides full General Contracting services to turn your dream in to reality. We love playing in the dirt – but what we love even more is when that turns into a beautiful place for families to enjoy for years to come. You’ll love the detail we put into every aspect of our builds.


    Park Evaluation

    Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to make sure your investment is growing, the Total Camper team can help you determine your park’s value at any time. We have calculators and underwriters that help you understand exactly where you stand and we work with certified appraisers that can put those numbers on paper for you.


    Funding Services

    Total Camper works with numerous investment funds and brokers that can help you get the money you need to build your dream. And don’t worry about an investor taking away your project, we use creative funding to get you up and going and then work to put it in your hands for the long-haul.


    Insurance Services

    Total Camper can provide insurance coverages for your park. We have established a program specific to campgrounds and RV parks and we work with numerous providers to bring you optimized coverage at the best rates.

    A Campground Partner You Can Trust

    We’re big believers in treating other people the way we would want to be treated. And since we’re campers too, that makes it easy for us to not only pass that principle on to you, but also help you give your customers what they expect – plus a little more. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our amazing customers have to say:

    “Wes [and his team at Total Camper] has been great to work with. He is very methodical in his management approach and has helped us clean up our operation and point it in the right direction. He’s brought a lot of experience to the table which has helped us prioritize our projects and makes sure the vendors we work with are accountable and do quality work at a fair price.”

    Ryan H.

    Fort Scott, KS

    “Wes’s team at Total Camper has extensive experience developing, managing, and scaling RV Parks. We recently went from self-managing our RV parks to having Wes manage for us. His experience and help in making key decisions has been instrumental in turning around our parks’ performance.”

    Brett B.

    Suncrest Properties

    “Working with Wes [and the Total Camper team] has been a game changer for us. He evaluated and optimized our operation, and the software and management systems are easy to use and so automated you can’t hardly mess anything up. And Wes makes sure to treat us like he would want to be treated. He takes great care of our park as if it were his own.”

    Matt H.

    Carlsbad, CA

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